Sunday, September 20, 2015

Week 4 Growth Mindset Challenge: Meme

This meme spoke to my soul this weekend as I looked back on how much I have struggled through the past two weeks! Having 200 points out of a thousand total in the past couple of weeks for one of my classes, all in the form of exams or quizzes, definitely tested my mindset! But I worked really hard to make sure that I didn't look at anything I was doing through a fixed mindset, but rather a growth mindset! I loved this meme and I will definitely bring it to mind if I struggle in the week to come! Plus who doesn't love a cat meme?!


  1. Hi Ann-Marie,
    I am glad you are not giving up. I feel like these last two weeks and these next two weeks are definitely going to challenge us with tests and midterms. Definitely hang in there, I feel your pain! This meme made me think of mine and my roommate’s cat. They are brother and sister so they always team up when doing something mischievous.

  2. Hi Ann-Marie! I am here commenting for my extra blog comments. I really like your new blog design by the way! I am happy that you got through that period for your class unscathed (I would've had severe headaches haha). I think growth mindset helped me a lot this semester and I am happy to see it helped you also. Talking about the meme, cat memes are always so awesome!